Thoughts for Sunday

September 27, 2016 | Pastor Katherine Olson, First Lutheran Church

My sermon this weekend will explore the theme of forgiveness as we also learn about the Facing Addiction program that is launching at First Lutheran Church and other churches across Sioux Falls, together with the recovery coaching organization Face It TOGETHER. To get a preview of what this program is all about, click here.

I’m aware that discussion of the Facing Addiction program this Sunday will stir up some feelings of worry and anxiety in our congregations, and I will try to be sensitive to this. The disease of addiction can cause so much pain and heartache, and create a need for reconciliation among families and friends. Those who have not successfully sought treatment are often aware of the pain their addiction causes loved ones. Those who have been in recovery for some time, or those still on the journey, perhaps cringe at the thought of past behaviors and events, even if amends have been made. Furthermore, even those who do not experience drug or alcohol addiction personally can still experience plenty of guilt when the subject is raised. These friends and family members ask themselves: “Could I have done something differently to help him?”  or “Why didn’t I see the signs earlier?” or “I didn’t know how to be a supportive friend to ____, so I just gave up.”

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