Are journalists responsible for meth triggers?

September 30, 2016 | Katie Nelson, Argus Leader

Heather Cain has been clean for four years, but she still feels sick to her stomach whenever she is reminded of the years she lost to meth.

"I wanted to stop so bad, and I couldn't," Cain said. "It took over my life completely. ... I chose it over every single person and thing in my life."

Having used for more than six years, Cain said she felt the familiar sensations associated with meth use on Monday when she stumbled across a photo of it in an Argus 911 story about a statewide anti-meth campaign.

"That picture literally made my heart race really fast and made me nauseous, because when you use, that's what it does," she said. "Sometimes when I see that stuff, it puts me there. I can actually feel it."

Concerned that the photo might be a trigger to those struggling with drug addiction, Cain reached out to Argus 911 to explain her point of view. Triggers can come at any time, she says, even with seemingly ordinary things.

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