Brooke Beckham | Survivor of Addiction

Photo of Brooke Beckham

I started drinking when I was 13 years old and by the time I turned 27, had been in juvenile placement centers, on probation, obtained 5 DUIs, been incarcerated 4 times, and gave birth to one beautiful little girl.  I found myself sitting in a holding cell, once again, thinking about my 4 year old daughter who didn’t get asked to be left behind by her mother.

This was my moment of clarity. I could continue on this destructive path, lose everything that was important to me, including my life, or I could accept the fact that I had addiction, and become willing to take responsibility for my recovery, my life and my daughter.

I stopped attempting to be sober and started to learn how to live in recovery and it has been a wonderful, beautiful and powerful journey. I have experienced a tremendous amount of pain and many consequences, walked through the shame, guilt and remorse from the result of using drugs and alcohol, and emerged a person who is loved, proud and grateful to have walked that path.

Hope and faith fill my life where despair and atheism once resided. Being clean and sober allows me to carry the message of recovery, the amazing journey to the center of self, helping people find their whole being, while healing part of myself with every story. I have rebuilt relationships, gone back to school and I’m currently living a life I never dreamt was possible.