Bob and Becky Livingston | Survivors of Addiction

"And yet today as the result of recovery, our life is filled with hope and faith."

Hi, we are Bob and Becky Livingston and we would like to share how recovery has been the most important change in our lives both personally and in our married life.  We both have been in recovery for over 25 years and it has greatly impacted the lives of our children, parents, siblings and other family in a very positive way.  We have not only grown in our personal lives but we have also been married for over 20 years and look forward to many more happy years together growing in our relationship and enjoying this new life we have been so freely given.

We are both members of a twelve step program and live by the principles that have been shown to us and attend twelve step meetings regularly.  We have been blessed with a life that neither one of us ever dreamed possible.  Our life has been filled with many true friends and we have been given the opportunity to share our experience, strength and hope with many in need.  We can share with you that no matter how many difficult things come your way and how these things make you feel that life will never change, there is always hope and there are many resources to help out there for you.  We both have experienced the tremendous pain and consequences and felt the shame, guilt and remorse as a result of using alcohol and drugs.

And yet today as the result of recovery, our life is filled with hope and faith.  We look forward to each day as an opportunity to enjoy life and live it to its fullest.  We know that as we continue to live our lives clean and sober and continue to carry the message of recovery, an awesome journey lies ahead with much happiness and promise and hopefully many more friends to meet along the way.  We believe this was indeed a second chance at life and feel very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful fellowship of people who are striving to live life just as we are through the good and bad times drug and alcohol free.  Together we can do this!!