Communities Facing Addiction

Cultivating a culture of recovery care together.


Changing Communities, Transforming Lives

Our faith communities have partnered with Face It TOGETHER because our congregations are committed to creating a culture of care and openness for those impacted by addiction.

This initiative is designed to reduce barriers by changing how we think about the disease of addiction, those impacted and how we can support them.  By transforming our community's attitudes about addiction, we hope that more people will get well and stay well. 

Communities Facing Addiction will officially launch in September 2016.


Overview & Goals

The 8 goals of the initiative are focused on creating cultures of openness and support so more people get well.

Survey Information

Get information on how to administer the survey in your congregation, as well as links to the specific survey for your church.


Materials for use with your congregation, including a brochure, posters and links to other resources such as videos.

Communications Plan

A step-by-step timeline for communicating to your congregations, including suggested activities and messages, bulletin announcements and more. 

Contact Lists

Contact information for coordinators and advocates in each congregation, as well as available speakers for your church.