About Us

Our Mission is to get drug and alcohol addiction sufferers well.

We’re working to solve addiction in Sioux Falls.

We’re dedicated to saving lives and reducing the tremendous social, human and economic costs of this chronic disease.


At our core, we’re a wellness provider, offering free long-term peer support – “addiction management services” – to help individuals and families manage the chronic disease of addiction.

But we do much more than that. We also enlist employers, health care and other key stakeholders to eliminate barriers that keep people from getting well and staying well.

In our innovative, community-based approach to addiction care, we serve as the hub of a "Community Addiction Management SystemTM."

Community Addiction Management SystemTM

CAMS Graphic

We work with all sectors to build a chronic disease community model for alcohol and drug addiction.  The goal is to remove barriers to care and create the community architecture to support long-term wellness around addiction.

We reach into workplaces, social service organizations, media and other influential community sectors to change hearts and minds about addiction. We also partner with health care systems and addiction treatment providers in a new service delivery model that creates a continuum of care for those with this chronic disease.